Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

  • Other Names-Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose ; It is also called as CMC, Sodium CMC,Cellulose Gum , Sodium Cellulose Glycolate.
  • Appearance-White to off-white powder
  • Solubility-Soluble in Water (Insoluble in organic solvents)
  • Viscosity-100 cps to 6000 cps in 1% aqueous solution.
  • Properties- Thickner,rheology modifier,emulsifier,plastisizer,lubricant,adhesive,Fluid loss controller,water absorber,water retention,film forming,viscosity controller .
  • Applications-Adhesive,cattle feed,bakery,ceramics,paints,textiles,detergents,pesticides,laminations,wallpaper adhesive,cememt,welding electrodes,mehandi ,toothpaste,paper industry,shoe polish and many more…

Sr. Grade Viscosity(cps) Applications
1 LVP 60-100 Paper industry,textile,oil drilling
2 HVP 250-600 Paper industry,,detergents and Soap textile industry etc
3 HVP(Spl) 600-900 Toothpaste,sauce making,herbal formulations etc
4 7H9 2000-3000 Paint industry,Mehandi,wallpapers ,welding electrodes etc
5 7H9 (Spl) 5000 Paint industry,Mehandi,welding electrodes etc

Silicone Emulsions

We manufacture high quality Silicone based products using upgraded technology.

Silicone Emulsions

This is water dilutable silicone emulsions employed as releasing agent for rubber and generally plastic materials. In the art graphic industry ,it is mainly used as an antistatic and slip agent.It confers resistance to scratching during paper folding processes and protection to mechanical parts.

Key Features

  • General purpose releasing agent
  • Good dilution stability
  • Minimul build up on moulds
  • Good antistatic properties
  • Applications

    These silicone emulsions has been formulated for wide range of application and processes such as:
  • Mould releasing agents
  • Release agent for bandaging of rubber tubes in vulcanization process
  • Textile lubricant for yarn and thread as well as hosiery manufacturer
  • Lubricant and antistatic in rotogravure off-set printing
  • Release agent for plastic tubes used to form bags and sacks
  • Gloss,slip and wettability in detergent and cleaning formulations.
  • Lubricating industries and many more…

Amino Textile Softners (Amino Silicone Emulsions)

Amino Silicone softner is used for softening the texture of fibers and cotton woven fabrics and made them smooth.These softners are made up of finest quality softening agents to impart soft feel to the fabrics.The softners makes the fabric blends soft to handle and white with no yellowish stains. The softner shows excellent stability to hydrolysis and temperature. It offers excellent whiteness to the fabric without causing any yellowing. The Amino Silicone Emulsion is clear liquid imparts the softness and silky feel to the synthetic and cotton fabrics.


  • Highly effective even at lower levels
  • Enriched with silicone to impart excellent softness to fabrics
  • Abrasion proof
  • Improvise wear strength
  • Optimum smoothness to fabrics
  • Easily dispersible in hot and cold water

Silicone Grease

  • Silicone grease is water and chemical resistant grease
  • Excellent high temperature performance range
  • Compatible with most rubbers and plastics
  • Good resistance to chemicals, oils and gases
  • Ideal for assembling of rubber ‘O’ rings and seals

Silicone Defoamers/Antifoaming Agents

We produce high quality defoamers /antifoaming agents application Industries as under
  • Paints
  • Latex emulsions
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Water treatments
  • Vat dyes
  • Metal industries
  • Aqueous fertilizers
  • Lubricating industries
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Adhesives and many more…

Polymer Emulsions for Paint and Construction industries

We caters various Acrylic and modified acrylic polymer emulsions,binders suitable for water based paints,textiles,coating applications,waterproofing and construction industries.

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 HTCRYL-5150 Exterior and interior paints
2 HTCRYL-2260 Exterior and interior paints
3 HTCRYL-3351 Exterior and interior paints
4 HTCRYL-5145 Exterior and interior paints
5 HTCRYL-4455 Exterior and interior paints
6 HTCRYL-6150 Exterior and interior paints
7 HTCRYL-1158 Exterior and interior paints

Paint Additives

We manufactures highly pure and effective additives such as Dispersing agents and ASE thickners using patented technologies which caters to waterborne systems.

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 HTDS-30 Dispersing Agent
2 HTASE-60 Dispersing Agent

Defoamers/Antifoamimng agents

We manufactures high quality Silicone-based and Oil-based defoamers (antifoaming agents) which not only burst the foam but also controls regeneration of foam.
Application Industries
  • Paints
  • Latex emulsions
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Water treatments
  • Vat dyes
  • Metal industries
  • Aqueous fertilizers
  • Lubricating industries
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Adhesives and many more…

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 HTDF-100 Paints,textiles,paper,water treatment etc
2 HTDF-200 Paints,textiles,paper,water treatment etc

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 HTDF-310 Paints,textiles,paper,water treatment etc
2 HTDF-320 Paints,textiles,paper,water treatment etc
2 HTDF-330 Paints,textiles,paper,water treatment etc

Note: We can make tailor made grade defoamer according to end use of the product.

Waterproofing Chemicals

We caters complete range of waterproofing Chemicals for construction industries…

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 HTCRYL-76 Cementious compositions for better flexural compressive strength
2 HT-FLEXIBOND Crack filling (Highly elastomeric)
3 HT- TOUGH COAT Can be directly applied as masonry,concrete,cement boards.
4 HT-PRO A Cementious compositions for better flexural compressive strength
5 HT-PRO B Can be directly applied on wall and vertical plasters in semiwet conditions

Speciality Chemicals

We manufactures speciality chemicals for API and Pharmaceutical industries…

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 4-Phenyl butyric acid Pharma, API intermediate of Salmeterol
2 4-Phenyl- 1-butanol Pharma, API intermediate of Salmeterol

Cosmetic /Personal Care

We manufactures bulk formulations for cosmetic and personal care industries…

Sr. Product Code Applications
1 Allantoin (Tech) As a moisturiser in cosmetic and herbal formulations
2 Imidazolidinyl Urea As a preservative in cosmetic formulations